• We offer a professional cleaning service for cleaning carpets, sofas, rugs, mattresses, baby car seats, and office furniture.

  • In residential homes, office buildings, and commercial and industrial properties, in and around Cape Town.

  • 20 years experience.

  • The best cleaning solution for deep cleaning and stain removal, using a steam cleaning, hot water extraction system. Removing stubborn dirt, with dramatic results. 

  • Using eco-friendly detergents that leave no residue.

  • Open during and after normal office hours, and on Saturdays.   

Upholstery cleaning in Cape Town

Upholstery cleaning 

Persian rug cleanin in Cape Town

Rug & Persian rug cleaning

Carpet cleaning in Cape Town

Carpet cleaning

Mattress cleaning in Cape Town

Mattress cleaning

Office chair cleaning, office carpet cleaning in Cape Town

Office chair & carpet cleaning

Chair cleaning in Cape Town

Chair cleaning

Baby furniture cleaning in Cape Town

Nursery carpet &

baby furniture cleaning

Cushion cleaning in Cape Town

Cushion cleaning

Professional Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Service 
"Let us worry about keeping your carpets and upholstery hygienically clean, so that you can enjoy them"
Upholstery and Carpet Cleaners Cape Town is a reliable, professional upholstery and carpet cleaning company, providing a high quality service in Cape Town and the surrounding Cape Town suburbs, with over 20 years experience in the industry.
We provide cleaning services for private residential homes, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, student apartments, schools, hospitals, boats and ships, and industrial premises.
Our large, industrial steam cleaning machines use a powerful steam cleaning, hot water extraction system, to sterilise and deep clean upholstery and carpets, removing stubborn dirt, stains, dust mites, and odour, leaving them clean and fresh and comfortable to be enjoyed once more.
Why steam clean? Even in the cleanest environments, over time, dirt gradually gets trapped deep within all carpeted and upholstery material, causing it to become dull and lifeless. This is particularly problematic for allergy sufferers, as this dirt cannot be removed with normal vacuuming. Much like using a vacuum cleaner on your clothing would be insufficient in cleaning it, a cleaning system using hot water and steam and detergent chemicals is necessary to remove dirt and stains and sanitise and bring back the life and colour of the fabric or carpet. 
Our powerful industrial strength steam-cleaning machines, along with specially designed, tried and tested chemicals, will clean deep into the carpet or upholstery fibres, extracting the trapped dirt and leaving it fresh and clean, and like new once again.
Our staff is well trained, and we are equipped to take on large or small jobs at short notice.
Please feel free to phone or send us an email for a free, no-obligation quote.
Call: 082 606 0375
email: info@carpetcleaners.co.za
Before and after carpet steam cleaning in Cape Town
Before and after mattress steam cleaning in Cape Town
Why choose us?
  • Competitive prices for quality service
  • Free, no-obligation quote
  • Eco friendly detergents that leave no residue
  • 20 years experience
  • Short notice availability
  • No hidden costs
  • Professional industrial strength equipment
  • Work that is supervised
  • Available  during and after normal office hours including on weekends
 Our steam cleaning, hot water extraction system
We use a hot water extraction system, also known as professional steam cleaning, or deep steam cleaning. 
It is a cleaning method which uses equipment that sprays heated water, as well as detergent chemicals, deep into the carpet or upholstery. While at the same time the suction nozzles vacuum up the sprayed water along with the dirt that has been dislodged or dissolved. The waste water is then discarded.
Hot water extraction is widely recommended by most carpet and upholstery manufacturers, as the most efficient method to clean and remove stains, from most types of carpets and upholstery.