Persian Rug cleaning in Cape Town
Kilim rug cleaning in Cape Town

Rug Cleaning


Dirty Rug? Stained Persian rug? We specialize in deep steam cleaning rugs, Persian rugs, and kilims. Removing dirt, pet stains, odours, dust mites and pollen.


We specialize in deep cleaning of Persian rugs, using a steam cleaning method. Our detergents are all gentle, non-toxic, and colour safe. Making sure your valuable carpets are treated with the utmost care.


Our steam cleaning method is recommended to remove allergen causing problems such as pollen and dust mites.


All rugs are cleaned at your home or office, and are not removed off site.


As an extra we offer pet stain and odour removal, using specially designed odour-removing chemicals.


Tip: It is highly important to remember to deep clean all spills and pet stains as soon as possible after they occur, to ensure successful cleaning and odour removal.


Rugs we clean:


  • Persian rugs

  • Floor rugs

  • Kilim rugs 

  • Kid's play Rugs

  • Runners

  • Woollen rugs