Car seat and upholster cleaning in Cape Town

Car Seat & Upholstery Cleaning - Please note: Unfortunately due to the current water restrictions we have had to stop the car interior cleaning for now


Deep steam cleaning of car seats, mats, boot interior, and car upholstery. Removing stains and unpleasant odours. Providing a convenient, personalized service.


Cleaning car upholstery more thoroughly than the average garage cleaning service.


For your convenience, we come to you to clean your car at your home or office. All we will just require is access to water and an electric power plug.


Tip: Remember to clean all stains and spills as soon as possible from your car interior, so as to ensure successful stain and odour removal.  


  • Car seats

  • Floor mats

  • Boot interiors

  • Baby car seats

  • Cars

  • Minivans

  • Caravans